Christina Aguilera glams up Citizen K Magazine

17 Sep

Christina Aguilera does a photo shoot for 2008 Fall/Winter Russian edition of the Citizen K magazine. The 27-year-old singer looks amazing with her crimped hair and bold make-up. In the interview, she talks about fashion, music and her latest album.
First of all, Christina, I’d like to thank you for a great job you did at the photo shoot.
Yeah, I think we did a great job! I love Ruven Afandor, that’s why I’m pretty intrigued by what the final product will look like. By the way, he shot me during my pregnancy and the results were amazing. I think it’s only possible with him. Plus he’s a very easy going and real person which is extremely important for team work.

I understand that you love to pose for high fashion magazines?
Yeah, it’s nice when you have so many people at your disposal working on your make up, you try on stylish outfits and beautiful jewelry. I guess I still have that little girl living in me, who likes to play dress up and experiment with makeup. But besides it being fun, it’s also real art for me. Different kind of art than my music. It might sound weird but as a singer, I see the world not through music but more visually. I believe your music depends on your image.

On your official website, it states that you are not only a performer but also a producer. What does that mean?
Every time I start recording a new album, I try to be in control of everything, album covers, photo shoots, music videos, tours.

Your new album is inspired by pop-art.
Yes, the main idea here is color. Bright colors, something along the lines of Andy Warhol with modern beats. Crazy energy, crazy style! All about my fans. I’m turning into a child again because I am looking at the world through my son’s eyes. I’m thinking about what he sees around him? Hopefully, it’s fun and happy.

Speaking of trends and art, can you associate yourself with a specific style?
Graffiti. Its totally my style. I love artists that go against the rules and what’s right. It’s such a screaming expression of your soul.

I heard you collect graffiti art?
Yes, me and my husband own tons of art from graffiti artists but we also own other art.

Tell me about your work with Steven Webster.
I’ve know Steven for many years but only few years ago we decided to create something together. He’s very detail oriented, I believe in his talent. I own much of his jewelry. He created my wedding ring, the ring in the picture with my son. I even own a microphone designed by him. Gotta admit it wasn’t an easy order. I took part in designing that stuff.

I’ve been told you loved his jewelry so much that you refused to give it back?
What can I say? It happens often to me on photo shoots. If I like something, I end up keeping it. Of course I pay for it, I don’t steal it. God forbid. Do you really expect me to waste my days looking for perfect jewelry and waste time shopping when I have paparazzi following me around? I know some stars like that but I prefer to only shoot on photo shoots.

I’m pretty sure you have your own distinct taste in clothes, shoes …
Shoes are my weakness. Especially Christian Louboutin. I own so many shoes of his that they hardly fit in my closet! I also love Vivient Westwood. And John Galliano is my favorite designer today. He’s very creative and classy and stylish.

Do you like to go to fashion shows?
If I have a chance, I love to go to those! I especially love Paris Fashion Week. I found my wedding dress there. But I ended up getting it from Christian Lacroix, he’s a great artist.

When is your new album coming out?
My greatest hits album is coming out at the end of this year. It will have a few new songs as well as new versions of older songs. And my brand new release is coming out next year followed by a world tour!

Planning on stopping in Russia?
Right now, I don’t know. But definitely Europe. We usually start with Europe, then back to the States followed by Asia. The whole tour usually takes about a year.

You have a studio, a child, an art collection in your home. Do you ever get out of your house?
I don’t even have to leave my house, I don’t want to. That’s how I planned it when I bought this house. I love it! By the way, the previous owner was Ozzy Osbourne. I appreciate how he handled the whole thing. Thanks to my studio, I don’t even have to leave my house.

Do you have any hobbies at home?
Yes, I love keeping diaries, make photo albums. That kind of stuff calms me down. It’s like I’m back in childhood.

Can you cook?
I’d love to learn. But you need lots of patience and time for that and I don’t have either at my disposal right now. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to cook, I’m sure my son would ask for it. I’m shaking just at the thought of it.

Where do you like to spend your vacation?
My favorite place on earth is Japan. Me and my hubby go there every November, stay in little hotels owned by two women that look like Geishas. Love to go there during fall/winter. I grew up in New York so cold weather doesn’t scare me. Also love Venice. It’s quiet and peaceful there, no cars, just boats. So we use them as transportation.

So you’re a fan of water and water activities?
No, not at all, Venice is the only place I can visit when I think about cruises. I don’t like cruises. By the way, I don’t like the beach either. I don’t understand why you would spend so much time there.