Naomi Campbell: What Happened To Her Hair?

31 Mar

Unbe-weave-able: Have hair extensions taken a toll on Naomi Campbell’s ‘vanishing’ hairline? Model Naomi Campbell is well known for her ever-changing explosive moods. But it’s her changing hairline that is currently causing a stir.

Naomi attended the opening of night of La Fille Du Regiment at the Metropolitan Opera in New York last night looking her usual high-maintenance self.

And although she dressed the part her hair extensions revealed a wide parting, and what looked like some hair loss.

On closer inspection the model’s natural hairline appears to disappeared, with her hair extensions – or weave as it’s more commonly known – starting quite some way back from where the hairline should be.

Naomi’s appearance is all the more surprising, as only six weeks ago she was seen in Brazil, with her hairline intact.

Could it be that years of wearing the tight hair extensions have taken it’s toll on the model’s own hair, causing some breakage?

According to, ‘traction alopecia’ is the name of the type of hair loss associated with hair braiding, weaving, and the wearing of hair extensions.

Celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are both reported to have suffered hair loss as a result of their extensions.

Prolonged traction can and will cause permanent loss of hair in the affected areas, but if caught early, this type of hair loss is reversible.

Last week the model was banned from all BA flights for spitting in a policeman’s face after her luggage went astray at the new terminal.

Miss Campbell, who was in Brazil to highlight the fight against dengue fever, also claimed a BA official had called her to ask her to fly with them again.

“But that won’t be happening soon,” she said.

She told a Brazilian newspaper: “They didn’t find my bag, said it wasn’t in the system and there was a complete disrespect for the passengers.”